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Astariaden 2023 | 11-13 January 2023

A few months ago, together with the team Arton Business, Serenella Artioli De Feo, Biancamaria Coriglione and the team of Huber Event Promotion GmbH, I had the opportunity to manage the organisation of the Astariaden which just ended in Andermatt Swiss Alps.


It was a great opportunity for me to grow and learn and I am looking forward to another adventure.

Arton Business:


The FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Dealer Convention, which this year took the name Astariaden, was held in Andermatt Swiss Alps on 11-12-13 January. The event, organised by Astara in cooperation with Arton Business and Huber Event Promotion GmbH, is reserved for official FCA dealers and, as usual, offered the opportunity to learn about the latest news and company strategies, as well as to participate in training and networking sessions.


During Astariaden, various activities were organised, also outdoors, for the guests, who had the opportunity to test-drive new vehicle models and attend live demonstrations of the Stellantis group’s cutting-edge technologies. In addition, the company’s future growth plans were presented and new sales and customer retention targets were discussed.


New this year was the organisation of snow activities outside the driving experience, such as curling, a ski race, sledging and snowshoeing.


The Astariaden was an important opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the dealers and to share company strategies and business opportunities with them. The event was a success and provided a unique opportunity to create new partnerships and develop new opportunities for the future.


As Arton Business we would like to thank you all our partners that made it possible!

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