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Digital Transformation, UX & Positioning


This semester at the Univeristy of Triest I attended the course of prof. Pietro Orciuolo “Digital Transformation, User Experience and Online Positioning”.


Within the course we touched on super interesting and extremely current topics.


▫️  In the first part of the lessons we saw what a funnel is, Christensen’s theorem, the commodity effect, the difference between brand and branding and to conclude this first block we saw how important word of mouth is inside of the timeline of a purchasing process.


▫️  We then saw together with Studio Samo what Digital Marketing is together with Jacopo Matteuzzi, SEO with the company of Mattia Cantoni, the Meta world with Paolino Virciglio and at the end Francesca Fiorentini introduced us to the world of Analytics.


▫️ Towards the end of the course we made a brief excursus on cybersecurity and the importance of implementing it “by design” in new start-ups with Ettore Guarnaccia of Banca Intesa.


▫️ In the last part of the program we discovered the Agile method and the scheme on which its sprints are based (Build – Measure – Learn) and it showed us with practical examples when the presence of a Business Owner is important within a project.


▫️  In the second-last lesson we had the pleasure to meet Daniele Muha from Several Insurance Broker as a guest who gave us a lot of mindset ideas to have and practical advice on the world of work.


▫️  To conclude the course, the professor made us create a Customer Journey and a Value Proposition of a product in groups in such a way that we can immediately put it into practice when learned over the months.


👨🏻‍🏫 Pietro was able to make us understand seemingly complex concepts in a simple way by also showing us real examples.


🤝🏻 I wanted to thank Prof. Pietro and all the guests for dedicating their time to us, bringing their experience and for giving us these fundamental lessons for our future.

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