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IATA – Air Transportation System Course

I am proud to have shared this milestone with Gregorio.


I wanted to deepen my knowledge in this field in order to give 100% in future challenges in this world.


Arton Business:

In March, our team successfully completed the “Overview of the Air Transportation System” course offered by IATA Training.

This course provided our team with a comprehensive overview of the air transportation system and the authorities involved, and allowed us to acquire new skills and knowledge in this constantly evolving industry.

We are grateful to IATA Training for providing us with this valuable learning opportunity. Our learning journey with them is just beginning and we will strive to participate in other courses, workshops and seminars to acquire further knowledge and skills.

At Arton Business, we strongly believe in the importance of continuous learning to remain competitive and up-to-date in our field of work. We are convinced that investments in professional training are an effective way to develop our careers and achieve our goals.

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