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🇮🇹 Italian Republic Day 2023

I would like to share with you a memorable experience that I had the opportunity to live in the last 48 hours. Alongside Gregorio De Feo and Serenella Artioli, I had the privilege of attending two special events organized by the Italian General Consulate in Zurich and the Italian Embassy in Bern, in anticipation of Republic Day.


These events, in addition to being a vibrant tribute to our nation, provided an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the bonds of our community abroad.


A highlight of the events was the presentation of the new Jeep Avenger to the Italian community. This is not only a symbol of the renewed excellence of the Italian automotive industry, but also a tribute to our ingenuity and innovative spirit.


I would like to express my gratitude to Min. Gabriele Altana of the Italian General Consulate in Zurich and Ambassador Silvio Mignano of the Italian Embassy in Bern for organizing these successful events. Additionally, a special thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to making these two days memorable.


Looking ahead, I am eager to continue working with the Italian community here in Switzerland to celebrate our culture, our heritage, and our achievements. As we approach Republic Day, let’s reflect on our past, look optimistically at our future, and honor the present in which we find ourselves.


Happy Republic Day to everyone! 🇮🇹

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