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By enricolacchin19 April 2023In EventsLinkedin

Tonale PHEV Media Drive Stockental | 14 April 2023

I had a great experience last Friday (14 Apr.) in Stockental with Astara Switzerland and Arturo Merzario.


During the event I had the opportunity to manage the creation of photo and video content and the publication of ‘live’ stories on the official instagram profile for Alfa Romeo.

Arton Business:


On Friday 14 April, the National Media Drive was held at Touring Club Suisse in Stockental for the presentation of the new 280 hp Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV.


During the event, the participants had the opportunity to test the car in various conditions, including the search for grip loss on wet asphalt. Afterwards they had the opportunity to drive the cars along a route around the lakes near the circuit.


Guest of honour at this event was Arturo Merzario, former Formula 1 driver, who had the opportunity to test drive the car and give some more technical advice to the guests.


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