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By enricolacchin5 January 2023In Linkedin

Apple Update iOS & iPadOS 16.2

⚠️ Apple did it again! ⚠️


With the release of iOS 16.2, MacOS 13.1, iPadOS 16.2, the Cupertino company has added, in addition to the classic security updates that don’t hurt, a very interesting app.


Its name is Freeform, but what is Freeform?


Freeform is an app that allows you to create interactive whiteboards and then share them with friends or colleagues to edit the board simultaneously in a simple and fast way.


❓ Something already heard?

Yes, of course, an application that performs the same functions is Miro


❓ And what is the plus?

Simple, the fact that it is completely free and is already pre-installed on Apple devices.


This is yet another demonstration of how a user-centric company can take a slice of users who previously used other platforms (perhaps paying for them) or acquire new ones who did not know about these types of tools but, finding it installed on their device begin to use it.

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