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By enricolacchin30 November 2022In LinkedinUniTS

Customer Journey | Work Group @ UNITS


Thursday 24 November during the lesson of the course “Digital Transformation, User Experience and Online Positioning”our teacher Pietro Orciuolo divided us into groups and made us create a customer journey of a product he invented.


❓ But what is a customer journey?


I’ll explain it to you right away: The Customer Journey is the path that the customer takes during the relationship with a product/company. Path that includes both online and offline stages. It is nothing more than the story of the bond between the customer and the product/company. A story that begins when the customer looks for a good or service from a company to satisfy his or her need, and ends with the purchase.


Creating a customer journey for positioning a product on the market is essential. It is used to always have clear and under control what is the path of our target user within the funnel, also considering the very important aspects of after-sales.


By creating a customer journey, it is also possible to map the strengths and weaknesses of the positioning of our product/company in such a way as to develop them.


👨🏻‍🏫 I think it’s an innovative and smart way to learn and immediately touch concepts that are difficult to find within Italian companies today.


For all of us in the course, this group work was a way to immediately put into practice concepts learned in class.


👥 I wanted to congratulate my entire team for putting themselves on the line and giving their contribution: Alessio Manià, Francesco Fornasaro, Gianmarco Moro, Matteo Fumis, Ruben Centis, Samuel di Meglio, Simone Ausilio, Davide Biloslavo

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